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Staff shortage in last mile logistics

Staff shortage in last mile logistics

What to do about it?


2024-07-13 17:00:00

UTС+3, Kyiv

Staff shortage in last mile logistics

The program of the event

The shortage of drivers is growing every year. The crisis that existed in Ukraine before 2022 has now taken on new dimensions due to the mobilization of the population. According to recent studies, the demand for drivers, loaders, and logisticians will only grow. At the same time, not all employers are ready to hire new specialists, fearing a lack of experience. How can we break out of this vicious circle and survive the crisis, which became especially acute during the war?

Join us for our new webinar, Staff Shortage in Last Mile Logistics: What to Do About It? In the format of a discussion, we will discuss whether it is time to optimize logistics and how your decision can affect the efficiency of the logistics department.

  • Lack of drivers in delivery

    What are the reasons for the driver shortage and further market trends?

  • Logistics costs and labor efficiency

    How different approaches to logistics management affect costs and labor efficiency.

  • Working with drivers

    How to keep the driver's peace of mind while preventing logistics degradation.

  • Benefits and risks of using logistics management systems

    Benefits and risks of using logistics management systems in a changing labor market.

  • Practical tips and case studies

    Examples of increasing logistics efficiency on already implemented projects.

Who is it for

General managers, CEOs
General managers, CEOs
IT directors
IT directors
Logistics directors
Logistics directors

Webinar speakers:

Alexander Shiryaevv

Alexander Shiryaevv

CEO of ABM Rinkai TMS, 10 years of experience in optimizing last-mile delivery, more than 100 implemented projects around the world

Mykhailo Appolonov

Mykhailo Appolonov

Senior Project Manager, was engaged in the implementation of TMS for the largest companies in the Ukrainian and Central Asian markets.

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The number of places is limited. We try to provide access to the webinar to the target audience in the first place. And that's why we can limit the access of IT representatives and consulting companies on the rights of the organizers.

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