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We build cloud-based solutions to automate the entire supply chain. Our portfolio includes products to improve business processes for inventory management, merchandising, assortment, promotions, warehouses, transportation, finance, loyalty, sales agents, and a marketplace platform.

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The numbers will tell you more about us

employees work on products and support

employees work on products and support

our clients recommend us to their colleagues

our clients recommend us to their colleagues

projects implemented in different business verticals

projects implemented in different business verticals

countries geography of projects and implementation in three languages

countries geography of projects and implementation in three languages

Boris Starinsky

"Integrity and development are some of the key values that guide us in working with clients and developing solutions. And because of this, every day we enable companies to be one step closer to their goals."

Boris Starinsky

Founder ABM Cloud, CEO ABM Finance

We make innovation available to business!

This means that we do everything possible to ensure that our products are profitable for companies both economically and to solve pressing operational and strategic problems.

Digitization of processes helps companies not only to optimize these processes, but also increases the transparency and manageability of the company's activities. The main effects of the implementation of ABM Cloud systems are a reduction in costs, an increase in sales and net profit, and the level of service.

Key factors why clients choose us:

Working on SaaS model

The customer pays for the product for the period of use. In addition, SaaS solutions help to significantly reduce system maintenance costs, and to invest the saved money in the development of your own business.

Customer-oriented team

We not only undertake staff training, but also provide ongoing support and advice to ensure the systems are being used to their full potential and generating revenue.

Commitment to measurable results

Each of our solutions has already proven economic effects of real customers. At the end of the project, we sign the cases where we calculate and record the results for each company.

Our principles

When choosing people for the team and working with clients we are guided by 4 principles.

For 9 years of the company’s existence we have formed for ourselves the basic principles that define our approach to work and people we meet. We believe they have shaped our reputation in the retail, distributor and manufacturer markets.

Our principles

A team with whom everything is possible

Meet regularly to celebrate team achievements
We participate in professional events
We create all the conditions for comfortable work
We support each other in moving towards the goal
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"We help companies achieve operational excellence by implementing supply chain best practices. To introduce products to such highly competitive markets, it is necessary to accelerate development processes, adapt IT solutions to the demands and specifics of new markets. It is precisely to accelerate these processes that the investment was attracted"

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