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We work with the best technology partners around the world to help customers improve their processes, with companies they can trust. For partners, we make it easy and rewarding to work with ABM Cloud products.

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Benefits partnership

We offer only innovative solutions that will increase your revenue by 25-40%!
You will be able to sell ABM Cloud products as stand-alone solutions, or in conjunction with your products and services. The products can be easily integrated with ERP and accounting systems.

Comprehensive offer

Create a comprehensive offering for your customers that best meets their needs

Profit growth

Increase your profits by up to 25-40% by expanding your portfolio with new solutions

Product innovation

Offer your current customers new world-class products and services

Satisfied customers

Increase your clients' profits and get new clients who come by referral

Stable Income

Provide stable revenue for your business by selling SaaS solutions

Support and development of partners

Training and expertise development

Training and expertise development

We train partners through webinars, master classes, forums, publish research and case studies

Support in marketing and sales

Support in marketing and sales

The partner receives support in transactions with the client: preparation and joint demos, preparation of commercial proposals, cases and references, video testimonials from clients

Project support

Project support

When necessary, ABM Cloud experts are involved in pre-project surveys and project execution

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

We have developed an extensive knowledge base that we make available to partners for their work with clients. Partners receive free access for their own use as well as presentation materials

Who can become our partner

  • Software integrators

    Software integrators

  • Automators


  • Industry experts

    Industry experts

  • Agencies developing loyalty programs

    Agencies developing loyalty programs

  • ERP system developers/integrators

    ERP system developers/integrators

  • Distributors of IT solutions

    Distributors of IT solutions

  • Audit and consulting companies in logistics, retail and supply chain management

    Audit and consulting companies in logistics, retail and supply chain management

  • Manufacturers and distributors of storage systems

    Manufacturers and distributors of storage systems

  • Mechanization companies

    Mechanization companies

Become a partner

Our partners

Become an ABM Cloud partner

Earn more on a recurring basis by simply recommending ABM Cloud products to your customers

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