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Automated freight transport with ABM Rinkai TMS

Automated freight transport with ABM Rinkai TMS

Automated freight transport with ABM Rinkai TMS allows the company to provide high-quality delivery services and save up to 25% on transportation costs. The feasibility of automating and optimizing cargo transportation for your company lies in answering the following questions:

  • How much time does your logistician spend on planning and organizing the transportation process?
  • Are you sure that your shipping costs are optimal?
  • Do you have a tool to calculate which fleet is more profitable: your own or hired?
  • How do you analyze the efficiency of cargo transportation?

Every participant in the transportation services market has certainly thought about how to organize delivery with minimal fuel consumption, loss of time, and maximum benefit for the company. The desire to simplify this process is quite justified, but without a tool for automating cargo transportation, it is difficult to organize all processes efficiently.

There is a solution – automation of cargo transportation with ABM Rinkai TMS

ABM Rinkai TMS is a cloud-based service for daily route planning, monitoring of route execution, and analysis of transport and delivery point efficiency. The program is characterized by high performance, reliability, and uninterrupted operation. The system uses a best-in-class planning algorithm with fast computing speed.

Automation of cargo transportation

  • Automation of route planning, taking into account all factors (time windows, customer conditions, temperature conditions, etc.).
  • Creating a unified system for planning, controlling and analyzing cargo transportation.
  • Online analytical reporting.

Optimization of cargo transportation

  • Use of high-quality route planning tools;
  • Control over the transportation process (GPS trackers, notifications to customers, etc.);
  • Reducing the workload on staff;
  • Saving time on planning;
  • Integration with existing systems.
  • What does the automation of cargo transportation bring to the company?

The result of cargo transportation automation using the ABM Rinkai TMS system is not just the automation of the cargo delivery planning process, but also, more importantly, control over all stages of the logistics process: transport movement, staff work, customer compliance, calculation of the cost and margin of work with each client. All of this results in significant savings:

  • Transportation costs are reduced by up to 20%;
  • Vehicle mileage is reduced by 15-20%;
  • The route planning process is accelerated by 95% (compared to manual planning).

Among the companies that are already successfully using the AMB Rinkai TMS cloud system are both large international companies and small local ones. Among the clients: Metro (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Coca-Cola (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Ikea (Czech Republic), MHP, Epikur, Lustdorf, Concern Khlibprom (Ukraine), Marshe (Georgia), Engin (Kazakhstan), Azamet (Moldova), Perutnina Ptuj (Serbia), Kauno Grūdai (Lithuania), and others.

If you want to automate cargo transportation with ABM Rinkai TMS, contact our experts.

Automate transport logistics with ABM Rinkai TMS

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