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Business logistics in the company “MHP” (Qualiko)

Business logistics in the company “MHP” (Qualiko)

Business logistics in the company “MHP” (Qualiko)

The MHP department in the UAE started working with TMS after opening the Dubai office in 2019.

Logistics coordinators – Andie and Joy talk about their experience using TMS for daily route planning. They have worked with the system daily for over 3 years.

They answer the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of implementing ABM Rinkai TMS?
  • What was the method you used for route planning before? What is the difference with ABM Rinkai?
  • What are the main usabilities ABM Rinkai TMS?

Briefly about the results of the implementation of the program for transport logistics ABM Rinkai TMS:

  1. The overall overrun rate is between

    4.5% and 4.7%

    , which is the best among customers using ABM Rinkai TMS.

  2. The lateness rate decreased by



  3. 41%

    of employees follow the planned routes accurately, and the remaining routes are carried out with an accuracy of 86%.

  4. Observance of routes allowed to reduce overruns by

    3 times


  5. Reduced unloading time by


    due to monitoring with real-time automatic notification.

Automate transport logistics with ABM Rinkai TMS

Create your route in 2 clicks!

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