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Transportation logistics automation

Transportation logistics automation

Transportation logistics automation

Automation of transport logistics and logistics optimization with ABM Rinkai TMS can significantly reduce costs: up to 10% of the cost per 1 km of delivery, up to 12% of overruns, up to 15% of total transportation costs. The ABM Rinkai transport logistics automation software is designed for daily route planning, execution control, and analysis of transport efficiency.

Almost any business has a transportation link, so reducing the cost of its maintenance is of interest to managers in any country in the world. Modern programs for the automation of transport logistics are not tied to the country and location of the company, can be used by any company, anywhere in the world.

Description of the transport logistics automation program

ABM Rinkai TMS is a cloud-based solution for planning optimal routes, which can significantly reduce transportation and time costs. All you need to use Rinkai is an Internet connection. When planning routes, the system generates several route options, from which you can choose the most suitable one based on the company’s priorities (price, time, length, etc.). 

ABM Cloud experts conduct monthly open demos of the system. Here are some questions from the participants about the specific features and functions of the ABM Rinkai TMS.

Does the system include a map of each region for route planning?

Thus, the system includes two types of maps: TomTom and OpenStreetMap. For example, for Asian and Eastern European countries, OpenStreetMap maps are preferred because they are more detailed and allow you to set your own labels, roads, close some parts of the territory, etc.

Is the program designed for long-distance transportation or is it possible to make payments in the city?

The system does not distinguish between routes within and outside the city. The main thing is that the route to be optimized starts and ends at the same point, i.e. that the car returns to the place where it started the route and lasts no more than 24 hours.

Is it possible to automate the logistics of courier delivery?

Yes, you can use it. Automation of courier service logistics allows you to plan routes and maintain a high level of customer service. Moreover, if you have obligations to customers to deliver exactly at the agreed time, the system will plan routes taking into account the time windows of deliveries. You’ll get the best results if the route has more than 7-10 delivery points that need to be planned in the most efficient way.

Can we track the vehicle’s location in real-time?

Yes, you can. Through a GPS service or an Android application that transmits coordinates. In real time, you can see the planned route on the map, track which route has already been traveled and where the car is now.

Can the client see how long it will take for the car to arrive, considering the GPS coordinates of the vehicle’s location and the route plan?

Yes, it can. This is realized by sending an SMS message or an e-mail to the client. The message indicates the time of arrival of the car. For individual customers (the most important ones or according to another criterion), you can set up individual access to your database (via login/password), and the customer will be able to track the arrival of the car on their own.

If the car is delayed, is there an automatic mechanism for notifying the logistician about the failure of orders?

This can be monitored online by watching the traffic map of all cars. Problem areas will be colored red.

Does the program take into account signs restricting the entry of trucks?

For example, you can customize your own road map for each type of transport (cars or trucks, bridge height, etc.).

Is it possible to export to ERP for automatic generation of route lists?

Yes, it is possible. There are various integration options for exporting and importing data, both directly from accounting, tracking, and other systems, and via exchange files (uploading/downloading data).

Does the program need to be installed on a computer or can it be accessed via an Internet browser?

Rinkai is a cloud-based solution that does not require installation on a computer. You can log in to the system via a web browser with a login/password from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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